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Sw33t N taSty

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

5:31PM - HeY!*

Hey right now I am really bored but I am going to call someone and thats going to be fun! This weekend I am not really sure whats going on but my moms b~day coming up so thats going to be funn Also my pool os almost ready for the summer! Today at school was confuzing! The Gates Test is so stupied like seriously!

xo0x Sage xo0x<3

Current mood: tired

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

8:32PM - FuNn!!

Today was fun because me and Sarah went to Target and then McDonalds it was funn then sarah came back to my house and we chilling and having alot of funn but unfourtnly sarah had to leave at 8 so then i got bored and came on my live journal well i will rite mmore later i geuss it was a really goood day and geuss what no headaches

lylas sageee


Current mood: excited

Saturday, April 30, 2005

9:14AM - SaTerdAy YeAh

Well sorry for not writing in here in a while it's because like I really didnt feel like itt...but n e ways today I am going to the crossings buying stuff for mwah like summer clothes and shoes then I am going there to buy sarahs gift i am getting her Happy Bunny stuff shush!As you probly can figure out I am going to a partY wiTh bOyS*we are going to play spin the bottle it is a sleepover no the oys arent staying haaahaa!!Well I will write more LaTer!~!

CaLL thE ceLLi*

xo0xSageee alwAys and foreVa<333or Mrs Pitt however you like it the only reason I like brad pitt it because of his boDyyy!! oho BabYY

Current mood: crazy

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

7:57AM - I am writting in here

Hey I am writting in here I will write more latEr

Thursday, April 7, 2005

8:28PM - ToMMoRoWs GoiNg To RoCK!!

Sorry Ashley about your Grandfather....and sorry for not answering anyones questions and not writeing in here yesterday its that I was very busy cuz like I had softball practice and all...Yay!! Sarah Salibas coming over off my bus and we have to bring my puppies to the vet for their puppycheck upp and duh she is staying over to0o!!!..then tommorow me her and my mom are either going to the Lehigh Valley MaLL or the Rockaway Mall!! Its going to be so0o much funn I am going to spend all of my oney haha on clothes and purses and my favorite shoes!!We are probly going to get my favortie food Cinmmin bun I dont know how to spell..haha oh well..after bringing the puppies to the vet we are probly going to go to a fast food place! I have a stuffy nose and a cough but I am fine I think I have a isty bisty cold! Yay! tommorows reward day! we are going to have the talent show pizza snacks soda and all sorts of goodies yeah mmm!

xooxSage Pittxoxo

Brad pitts a hottie with a body!!!<--Nick Lachey your tooken haha:((By Jessica Simpson:))

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

8:50PM - Dont feel like writting

I really dont feel like writing in my LJ but I will umm...today we had the Pssa eww! but like I got picked up eaRLY CUZ i HAD TO GO TO nEW jERSEy for my stiches to get tooken out umm i WAs supposed go to the rockway mall but we couldnt cuz like we wanted to miss all of the traffic:{ but this weekend me and my mom and a friend are gonna go to like the Lehigh Valley Mall or th Rockaway Mall I like never been to the Lehigh Valley Mall before so I am excited cuz like I always go to the rockaway one cuz we know where everything is and stuff tommorow I have softball pratice I cant wait so i might right in here a little later then usually but oh well I need to go buy a softball glove:o cuz like I lost the other one so I might get picked up early! Yeah again I hate the bus it is really annouying cuz I sometimes get badd headaches!I am really tired I will right more soon! I am going to call someone like now I think! Oh yeah me and Sarah got kicked out of the talent show cuz i was absent and we couldnt show the teachers the dance a ead of time and i kinda feel bad cuz like sarah wanted to do it but i feel madd cuz like I wanted tto do it and the teacher came up to me and she was like you are tossed and i was like ewww your not Simon Cowell so dont try to be him<--haha I didnt really say that but i wanted to so bad cuz that teachers a biziotch!hah i spell my bitch weried i know!

Current mood: tired

Monday, April 4, 2005

8:25PM - Anuts House in NeW yoRk BaBy!!

Well my whole familys is at my anuts condo but she moving to a house or a bigger condo we had pizza and stuff my borther keeps coming into the the computer room and it kinda gets annouying cuz like hes going threw all of this stuff haha but oh well I pronly will be home at 9:30p.m. uh oh i might have homework:o yeah but shush....Hope for a 2 hour delay!!~~!!


Current mood: happy

Sunday, April 3, 2005

3:47PM - EaTTinG

Right now I am eatting Top Reman it is very good!! but today wasn't very funn cuz like Sarah had to go to her sisters confirmation and dominique has to stay later at her dads cuz like it flooded and her mom didnt want to go threw it cuz like mount poccono bad so I couldnt do anything with them but i could of called like sam j ,sam g, gabbby, danielle,samp,alysha and so0 and so0 but I really didnt want to hang out with them today!

Always Sagexo0x

Current mood: sleepy

11:58AM - AnoUthEr bOriNg daY

It's probly going to be anouther boring day and I am just going to talk on aim and phone watch movies chill with the puppies abd maybe with dominique or sarah if I can or even if they are allowed to0o!


Current mood: crazy

Saturday, April 2, 2005

4:08PM - pHonE wiTh mY coUsiN cAsSie

I am on the phone with my cousin cassie we are just talk about all of this stuff haha she might make a live journal!:) she is really awesome trust me you would like her!!~! but I know I right in my live journal alot its only because I am bored yeah duh!

Current mood: bouncy

2:40PM - Cleaned:(

Well to get my mind out of bored I cleanded my ro0m it really needed it cuz like when I had my surgery I had no time for it but later or like in a couple of minutes I am going to call my cousin cassie because talking to her on the phone is really funn and she has all these good confos about these people and they are just like wow! <--haha---> Yeah I wish I could of went to the mall but my mom said she is tired!:( I am eating a cherry starburst and it is very go0d :) I think I am going to lay in my Queen size bed and watch the Princess Diares 2, and Spiderman 2 listen to music and talk on the phone sounds like fun but I think the mall is more funn!!


Current mood: relaxed

12:18PM - RaiNy DaY*!

Today it rained:( but anyways I might go to the mall with a friend or something:) but so far I am wacthing movies all day and chilling with my puppies and reading magazines I am gonna look for the phone to call someone to see if they can do anything cuz like I am dyeing maybe see the RING 2 That's probly gonna be scary but who knows yeah and I will write more in laTer~!~


OH Yeah I am Obsessed with BRAD PITT!!!

Current mood: Laughy

Friday, April 1, 2005

6:18PM - BoReD

I am really bored there is nothing to do but later I am going to watch some movie <--that's even pretty boring:( but I think I am going to just talk on the phone, talk on aim and other stuff like that I wish I could do something like have a friend over but my dad is being really I dont know haha I am really tired because when I am bored I get tired and when I am tired I am bored haha I dont know what I am saying!!

You make me wanna LaLa on the Kitchen of the floor I will be you french maid so I can meet you at the door I will be your alley cat so I can drink up aLL of the milk of the floor you make me wanna scream!!!
~Ashlee Simpson~

Love me for me thank you very much mwah!!


Current mood: tired

5:12PM - April Fools

Today is April Fools! Sarah and I are on the phone and today I went to blockbuster then I had to go to Bills to get my puppies food I got spiderman 2, Priness Diaries Royal Engagement, and I forgot the other on haha!:))Me and Sarah might have a sleepover and go to the mall yeah i spend all of my money haha !! LOL I am so0o0o0o HYPER


Current mood: hyper

Thursday, March 31, 2005

8:19PM - AnOuThEr DaY

Today was pretty good I geuss well I went to get some movies from Blockbuster and my mom broght me home soup and gatorade it was good:) I started watching the movies and then I called Sarah to see what Drama was going on in school yeah and I am really bored right nowwWw...


Current mood: bored

2:18PM - I feel LikE wRiTTinG iN hErE aGaIn

Hey hey hey whats ups yeah I am bored g2g take care of babby!

Current mood: bored

1:39PM - !

Well on Monday I got a big surgery it's nasty but if you want to know just post me a comment, well I have to take these gross medicine but I need too to get better!Tuesday me and my mom went to get gatorade because it helps me and we went to McDonalds because my mom had a crave for it HaHa! Also we went to blockbuster and I got like 3 movies Man on fire Sucked:( Resident Evil sucked:( <-- also it was a wrong movie I ment to get Van Hesual and I got The Notebook which was pretty good!:) Finally right! ON Wedesday well my dad was off and we went to the paint store and to blockbuster we were suppose to drop off the cameras but we forgot duh! Then we came home and watched Americas Next Top Model ehh this years people kinda sucked!Oh yeah Today I get to stay home too and probly tommorow yeah! I miss all of my friends so0o much hope you all like school haha not really okay! Wait...I almost forgot about today well I watched Where the Red ferns grows, Van Heasual, and I am still watching stuck on you pretty funny movie!I am watching JAck Henry my baby brother hes kinda annouying shush..but I still think hes pretty funny he calls my MABA haha I am like am not your mom or bottle! Because like he calls my mom ma and his bottle ba ba haha my mouth still has it's pains from here or there but I am okay I am not going to be in scholl until Tuesday sorry I miss you all !<3

Sw33t N tastY xoxoxSagexoxox<--Like the necklace

Current mood: happy

Monday, March 21, 2005

6:42PM - Yeah

Today! I got to stay in Mr.Piekara class all day with Shannon O, Sarah S, and a whole bunchee more!~!We went swimming it was fun! And Like I was Trying to practice for the talent show!!

Sarah is going out with ????!!!!


Friday, March 18, 2005

6:03PM - Family

Today was okay...but when I got home my favorite anuts and cousins were here and my cousins are sleeping over but my anut and my grandpa are leaving at 8:00p.m. I gave my cousins Hilary Duff posters since she loved Hilary yeah my anut gave me a whole bunch of dog things since I love dogs...my anut gave me stuff for my room and JeSSICA SIMPSON DESSERT LIPGLOSS!! I love thatt! Oh yeah I got a new celli!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

7:45AM - walmart

Last night I went to Wal mart and got stuff for my 2 puppies and got 3 magazines Teen People, QiuzFest, and J-14! Yay but I only read onee!

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